For individual and relay team events and team events, the LF-based timing is the mostly recommended system. The LF chips must wear on the shoes or ankles. The recommended uses under 1000 people per race. We envelope the chip with race number for the organizer, that makes the administration process easier. LF chips are reusable, so we recommend to take caution from the racers. A single timing point size could be 1, 2 or 4 meters wide. For wider timing point is necessary to use another timing mat.

For races over 1000 numbers of participant (in case all the racers start in same time – mass start) we offer the UHF-based timing system. The chip is affixed to the back of the starting number this makes the allocation so simple. Because of the low cost of the chip at the end of the competition is not necessary to collect them and deposit taking is not necessary either. The timing system is reliable even if the numbers of the participants are over thousands, the same system used in New York City Marathon as well. A single UHF timing point size is 9 or 4.5 meters wide. For wider timing point (ex.: 18m) is necessary to use multiple timing system.

Our race numbers are made for Tyvek waterproof 77gr material, with individual labels and graphics. To fix the race numbers 4 pieces of safety pins is recommended. For those racers who do not want to make a hole by safety pins on their technical clothing, we sell discounted race number belts. Read more>> race numbers

Additionally we offer PhotoPoint system which is an automatic photo system, taking pictures in the finish line or timing point without human intervention. These pictures are available on the website with the racer’s name and race time. Read more>> PhotoPoint

Our 4.7 m wide burgundy color balloon arch is a great element of the finish/start area and it also functions as an advertisement surface for the sponsorship logo and transparent. Read more>> Balloon

We also produce high quality unique medals, every idea and design is feasible. Read more>> Race medals

Cost-efficient version of the souvenirs are the online generated Pdf diploma, which put upon the competitor's name, time, rank, and - if the system is operating PhotoPoint – image as well. Read more>> Diploma

For long distance tournaments we offer our GPS tracking system. By the GPS tracking service is possible to follow up the real time race information online. Read more >> GPS