RFID timing

RFID LF timing

Proposed use mostly in triathlon, duathlon and open water swimming races, although works properly in foot-races and cycling competition. The goal of this system is waterproof, and the signal can pass through the human body.

LF chip

There is two possibility how to wear the chip, for running racer the chip has to be on the anckle or on the shoe, for swimming and multisport races chip must be worn on the ankle with neoprene chip strap. There is a specially developed chip design for cycling races, it must be fixed on the chainstays.

The difficulty of the LF system is the senitivity to electromagnetic interference. If the place of the timing point is around swimming pool, metal surface or high-performance pump the pre-survey of the place is proposed.

We envelope the chip with the race number before the event, that makes the administration process easier for the event organizer.

The LF chips are long-life chips, reusable in every time in our races.

To take deposit for the chips is recommended.


Power: Built-in battery

Mat width: 4 or 2 meters

Detection height: 30-60 cm

Read rate: 98-99% (in appropriate environment)

Read speed: 20-30 chip/sec

RFID UHF timing

Proposed use in running races, where necessary to read start and finish time as well. The goal of this system the electromagnetic interference is not affected it, that means it is possible to use in critical places, where the LF system can not work properly. It is capable of huge read rates allowing for the possibility of races with more than 1000 racers, even if it is a fast cycling race

These chips are disposable because of the low cost, so no need to take deposit for them and no need to collect them after the race.
Also use in: Skopje Marathon 2011


This is our best solution for large number of running races. For the 100% read rate we attach 2 UHF chips to the back of the race number with lightweight foam spacer. The waterproof and untearable tyvek race number is designable, also with the chip is very confortable to wear and easy to handle.The chip is already attached to the racenumber, therefore the process of the administration and the accreditation is simpler.


The sticker contains the integrated UHF chip, what can be attached easily to the cycling seatpost. 0,05 s accuracy timing, best use in high speed road cycling race.