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PhotoFinish A FinishLynx®line-scan camera only sees a very narrow piece of the world - the finish line. It looks at the finish line many times a second and stores each of these images

Personal certificate It is making based on a template certificate with the competitor’s name and results. Complete with the PhotoPoint application it will guarantee a private and purpose-made souvenir. It is a .PDF file can be download from the internet and make a hard-copy

Comparison of the racers It is possible to compare the results to other competitors, it helps for the racers to calculate the strategy of the race.

Online data it makes possible to transfer live data from one timing point to another. Click to the picture below to see the live data system.

Live GPS with GPS trasmitter possible to see the racers position on Google maps>>Click<<

Automatic finishline photo Personalized real-time photo making with camera. Every competitors go through timing point (on mat) will have a snapshot photo, it can be placed on the cretificate (Certification of the achievement on the race). It is accessible high-res for competitiors on the result page free of charge. The processing of photos become real-time so it means that pictures available the same time of the results Read more>> PhotoPoint

Tyvek racenumber 4 color, unified from 50 pcs. (Waterproof)

Start/finish arch Burgundy colour PVC start/finish line arch with optional plastic water pipe which is sprinkling water.

Neoprene chip strap comfortable chip wearing during long races.

Double sides race clock with 6 digits (20 cm)

Race equipment we can provide limited number of race equipment such as tent, bench, table, temporary barriers